Women box? And how!

Boxing for women is becoming more and more popular. Since Christina Nigg and Regina Halmich, women's boxing has definitely taken public interest. But it is not just about the notoriety. For women and men, boxing is an extremely holistic sport. Fitness, balance, strength and reaction are trained as well as the will. It is a pleasant side effect, that you can drain some steam during the training.

Women can train in about 60 Swiss boxing clubs. Training targets fitness and striking techniques, but also for the interested ones, fighting tactics. In the club, however, can be completed only the balanced fitness training. No one is forced into sparring (simulated combat training). Important for a Trial training are indoor shoes with good joint support. Boxing gloves are provided at the first training sessions. Afterwards, 1 pair of bandages (CHF10 .--, available in every sports shop or in training), 1 pair of boxing gloves (50-70 CHF. by us or available in various sports shops) belong to the minimum equipment.


Monday 17:45 - 19:00


The cost for Women only! are:
Membership fee (annual): CHF 300
Registration fee (one time): CHF 30

Trial day

Come simply non-committal in training (no registration required). Before the first trial, a health questionnaire must be completed.

Necessary material for "sniffing"
Light sportswear and box bandages (can be purchased on the spot for CHF 10). Boxing gloves are provided.