Manager Boxing / White Collar Boxing for Ladies and Gentlemen!

Manager Boxing / White Collar Boxing it is specialized in the training of professional people beyond the teenage years. Boxclub Basel offers fixed training sessions twice a week, as well as personal trainings and specially tailored group trainings.

What is being trained

Endurance, strength, agility, speed, technique - "manager boxing" improves the performance of the body in many different aspects. After only a few months, you have a strengthened trunk, shoulder and arm muscles. A training unit lasts 60 minutes. You burn on average up to 1000 calories.

Not only the body benefits from it.
The entire personality benefits from the performance of the body. Good boxing skills also improve mental skills. In the tactical actions of a participant, psychological and physical challenges are combined. Not only willpower and concentration are encouraged, but stress is also reduced. The training has a positive effect on self-confidence, balance and mindfulness in everyday life.
 Boxing strengthens self-confidence and helps to lose the fear of difficult situations. Boxing also sharpens the instincts. To assess situations quickly, to react to impulses and to develop a certain adapted attack strength are all instincts, which are important for managers and executives.

The "Manager boxing" requires a registration. The normal training sessions at Boxclub Basel, on the other hand, are open to everybody.


The costs for the management box are:
Membership fee (annually): CHF 600.-
Registration fee (one-off): CHF 30.-


Angelo Gallina, 079 359 38 73,