General information.

Boxclub Basel offers classic boxing. This primarily means fitness boxing as well as Olympic boxing + light contact boxing taking into account the health aspects.

We value the respect for the opponent, consideration, partnership, assertiveness and commitment. Fairness and will are an integral part of boxing.

All our trainings are managed by experienced and licensed trainers; In principle training is carried out in groups, but individual training is also offered for qualified competitors. We would like to offer the appropriate training to all interested parties. For the little ones we offer Kids training, we train Juniors and offer Competition training for women and men. Boxing is a high-performance sport. It is therefore also perfect for staying fit. Our fitness training is specially designed for this - but everything still goes around boxing.


Adults from 18 years of age: CHF 600.-
Women (only on Mondays): CHF 300.-
Students, apprentices from 16 years *: CHF 300.-
Youths 13-16 years: CHF 300.-
Children up to 13 years: CHF 300.-
Licensed competitions **: CHF 300.-
Passive members: from CHF 100.-

* From the age of 25 the entitlement to a reduction must be reassessed annually
** plus the license fee is payable

Trial day

Just check it out and find out if boxing is for you! It is not necessary to register in advance. Before the first trial, you only have to complete a health questionnaire. And then we're good to go.

What you need for the trial day
Light sportswear and box bandages (can be purchased on the spot for CHF 10). Boxing gloves are provided.